Five Percent Giving

In 2016 we decided to dedicate 5% of the cafe's retail sales of our products (bread, bagels, pretzels & granola) to a different cause or organization chosen by our worker-owners every month. Our goal is to both financially support and draw attention to work we believe in.

In May we will be supporting NuDay Syria's Babies and Milk Project. NuDay aims to alleviate the humanitarian crisis ongoing in Syria, focusing their efforts on aiding displaced women and girls, whose needs are often overlooked. NuDay works to bring housing and food to families displaced by conflict in addition to facilitating educational and micro-financial opportunities. 

NuDay Syria has a number of ongoing projects - including those focused on orphan outreach to women breadwinners. We chose to donate specifically to the Babies and Milk project which focuses on providing mothers with diapers and formula for their infants and young children. 

We welcome suggestions for future contributions! If you'd like to suggest one, please email us. Here's where we've donated in the past: